The simple fact is that ALM Asphalt and Paving Contractors is “Better”.

Better at what you may ask?

Well better at most everything associated with asphalt and paving, but more specifically, better at producing a superior, “Better Job”, in the end.

At ALM Asphalt we really do produce a better job in the end.  We actually do “go the extra mile” in the beginning and during the preparation stage.  The preparation stage and cleaning the site is extremely important.

Unlike most, we put more time and hours in on the front end preparing and cleaning the site.  Combine “better prep” with the philosophy of “giving the customer what they are paying for” and you can typically produce a better job in the end.

In an industry with little to no quality control, “giving the customer what they are paying for” and “doing what you say you are going to do” can both increase the chances of producing the customer a “Better Job”.

There are many different ways to cut corners in this industry.  We have chosen to go the other direction by doing more, offering more and ultimately delivering more in the end.

With this approach, the results typically equal a “BETTER CLEANER JOB” for the customer.

At ALM Asphalt and Paving we really do offer a better, superior, cleaner job.  We care about you and the results of our job.  We want it right and you happy.

There are many differences in contractors and quality.  Don’t risk it.  Play it safe~

ALM Asphalt and Paving  –  simply producing you a better cleaner job.

“I am confident you will be satisfied.  I guarantee you a better job.”

Loyd Marston




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