Honest. Efficient. Home Grown. Experienced. Reputable. Best Value. Licensed. Insured.  It’s the simple things that separate us.  We do it RIGHT.  We do it BETTER.

Home grown from the idea that “I can do it better”, ALM Asphalt and Paving Contractors was born.  Now President and owner of ALM Asphalt & Paving Contractors, Loyd Marston, noticed a void in the asphalt market.  He noticed the high cost and poor quality that typically came with almost every asphalt or paving job.  He noticed the customer, which was he at the time, was not getting what they were paying for, and in fact, the jobs were poor quality at best.

It was here that the simple concept of, I CAN DO IT BETTER, started.

As Mobile, Alabama’s premier asphalt maintenance and paving company, ALM Asphalt and Paving Contractor’s continue to provide exceptional services at very reasonable rates.  It’s hard to produce the best job for the cheapest bid.  In this industry, low bid typically equals “worst job ever”.  We suggest quality over “cover up”.

Today, we understand our customers, our market and our strengths.  We’re not always the cheapest, but we are always through, honest and complete.  In an industry that has been plagued with “fly by contractors” and “poor quality work”, trusting your contractor is critical and prudent.

The simple fact is, we do a better job.  We are committed to quality, doing what we say we are going to do, and delivering a better job.

From Mobile, Alabama, we service South Alabama, South Mississippi and the Gulf Coast.  Known locally as a “Turn Key” Full Service Asphalt Contractor, we offer a complete line of asphalt needs.

Our specialty, efficiency and primarily focus is on asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance, asphalt sealing, parking lot construction, residential driveways and typical concrete jobs.

ALM Asphalt provides an honest evaluation and offers solutions.  We don’t sell you what you don’t need.  We do go the extra mile.  We do offer the best value and we do deliver a better cleaner job.

Contractors are not the same.  Do your research.  Get what you are paying for and assure yourself, and your boss, a quality job.  At ALM Asphalt we guarantee you a better job.


 Asphalt Paving Construction
Complete Parking Lot
Asphalt Sealing
Asphalt Overlays – Resurfacing
Site Services
Patch Work
Drain Cleaning
Drain Repair
Crack Fill
Sink Hole Repair
Concrete Driveways
Curbs and Gutters
Asphalt Driveways

We also service items and things that are not listed above.  Through the years, we have learned and mastered many challenges and techniques.  Ask and I’m sure we can get it done.

We service several “national” tenants and accounts.  Most we handle as a sub-contractor for facility management and real estate companies.  We can do this for you as well.  Let us take the stress and accountability off of you and put it on us.

We will exceed expectations.

Why us?

“I saw firsthand the immediate ability to offer and produce a better job in this industry.  I knew I could offer honesty and experience, and with hard work, deliver a cleaner, better job.  Give me a chance to show you and earn your business.  I guarantee you a better job.”

Loyd Marston
ALM Asphalt & Paving